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Title Troubles

Ran into some trouble trying to update Pearline’s license plates this week.

Replacing an MGB Fuel Tank

Spent a nice Saturday afternoon replacing Pearline’s fuel tank, with help from a friend.

Coffee and Cars, OKC

I’ve been wanting to go to the Oklahoma City Coffee and Cars meetup for almost a year. Today, I had my chance.

Wintertime Blues

We’ve had a bit of nice weather this week. Between bad weather and the general stress of dealing with COVID protocols, I felt the need to get out of the hous...

She’ll be Home for Christmas

Several months ago, I wrote about some fuel system issues after Angie and I went on a nice Sunday drive. It’s taken 4 months, but here’s an update.

Happy Birthday to Pearline

Today is Pearline’s birthday. Exactly 50 years ago today, she came rolling off the assembly line in Abington, Oxfordshire, England.

Sunday Brunch and Fuel System Issues

Two weeks ago, Angie and I decided to get Sunday brunch at a state park that’s about an hours drive away. It was a humid and cloudy morning when we took of...

Saturday Afternoon Beauty Shots

After doing yard work, I washed Pearline and then drove around my hometown to take some beauty shots at local historic sites.

Loud as Hell(a)

I made a couple of updates to the MGB today and then took her for a drive.

Welcome to

I’ve been working on a site for Pearline’s adventures. I’m now ready to show it off. Warning, gory technical details ahead.

Glamour Shots

Even though Pearline isn’t able to move on her own, she can still pose for a few photos.

Back Home, Again

I got Pearline back from the body shop today. I have 2 days until my daughter is supposed to drive the car to her Senior Prom. There’s a lot of dust everywhe...

Getting Close

Stopped at the body shop this morning to see how Pearline is faring. Bonnie (the office manager) saw me pull up and she met me at the door. “Do you want to s...

Paint Progress

It seems so strange to have updates on two consecutive days, but it’s been a whirlwind of activity after 4 1/2 months of slow (but steady) progress.

An Update, But Not Really

It’s been a long 6 weeks since the last post, so here’s where we stand on the body work and paint.

First Primer Coat

I have tried to not make a pest of myself at the body shop, but I hadn’t been by in a few weeks. Bonnie, the office manager, greeted me warmly in the office ...

Body Shop Check-in

I stopped in at the body shop today as I was nearby. I’m trying to not make a pest of myself, but it’s hard not knowing what’s going on.

Body Work Progress

I stopped in at the body shop after 2 weeks to see the progress. They’ve removed the bumpers, the body fittings, pulled the dents, and filled most everything...

Prepping to Paint

Now that I’ve found a body shop, I worked to remove the parts that shouldn’t be there. The excess trim pieces, the convertible top connectors, the chrome ba...

Shopping for Body Shops

I took Pearline to a couple of body shops in the area. A couple flat refused to even consider the job because they only do insurance work. One of these peopl...

MGB Back Home

I got Pearline back from Mike at Glass Auto on a Saturday in early October. It was a cloudy, cool day, so not a great day for driving with the top down. My ...

At the LBC Specialist

I dropped Pearline off at Glass Auto in OKC on in the middle of August. Two weeks later, I had a doctor appointment nearby, so I stopped by to get Mike’s est...

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Insert Before Drive

Pearline is running again and I have an unintended new piece of swag.

Goodbye, Netlify

If you’re reading this, it means that I got everything moved over to AWS and configured correctly.

Some site (and life) updates

It’s been a while, so I guess I’ll get off my lazy butt and make some updates. If this post seems vaguely familiar, it’s because it is.

My Daughter’s Junior Prom

It’s 2020 and everything sucks. My daughter didn’t get to attend her Junior Prom because of COVID. But, that didn’t stop us from getting some photos anyway.

My Son’s Senior Prom

We’ve had the MGB since my son was 3 years old. It’s always been our fun car. For his Junior Prom, my son and 2 of his friends rented a limo for them and th...

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