I’ve been wanting to go to the Oklahoma City Coffee and Cars meetup for almost a year. Today, I had my chance.

I had someone tell me about the OKC Coffee and Cars at Chisholm Creek (north OKC) about a year ago. Every month, I thought about taking Pearline up there, but life always managed to occupy my time. Today, I found the time with a little help from my daughter and nudging from my fiancé (yes, you read it here first).

Last night, I printed up a sign with her details and this website (so welcome, new visitors). I loaded my tablet with a bunch of the photos you see here, just in case. I did some wiping of the interior with Armor-All cloths and made sure my interior was spiffy.

Woke up at 5 and had a quick shower and a cup of coffee before the road (because old British cars weren’t equipped with cup holders). My daughter needed a lift to OKC to get her car, so that provided the excuse.

I arrived at the site about 7:20AM and there were already at least 150 cars in the lot, even though the listed time was 8:00AM. You could tell some car clubs sent someone out early to stake their spaces, as there were a lot of road cones occupying slots. I found a space easily enough and spent about 15 minutes finishing my detailing with some SprayWay glass cleaner and Macguire’s tire shine.

Within minutes, I had someone to talk with. He was retired and driving a C4 Corvette (1984 model) but had to tell me about the MGA he drove when he was a teenager. That would prove to be the pattern, over and over. Mostly men, but a few ladies too, all older than I, had stories about how MG’s were a part of their lives. One man returned several times to tell yet another story about he and his brother in their MGs. Young people would stop by to check Pearline out as well, even though the shiny Porsches, Corvettes, and McLaren nearby were much more to their tastes.

I walked around as well, looking at the variety. There were lots of Corvettes, which I have great affection toward. There were plenty of late 60’s/early 70’s muscle cars, a fair number of classic trucks and some “woody” station wagons as well. JDM cars cruised through in packs, as did cafe racers.

The weather was perfect. It was slightly overcast for a while and then the sun slowly started warming the place up. By 10:30AM, a lot of people were loading up, so I took that opportunity to pack up myself.

It was definitely a good day, despite getting a bit red on the ride home with the top down. Performance-wise, Pearline did fine. The stop-and-go traffic with stoplights had the temperature needle in the danger zone a few times, so I found myself killing the engine at the lights and restarting on green. Other than that, she did great and had more than a few waves. I hope to return or find another Coffee and Cars event in late summer or this fall.

Coffee and Cars, OKC