Despite being a day of tomfoolery, I have some real news to share.

Several things have happened since the last update.

  1. I’ve had the seats re-upholstered. When I got the car 21 years ago this month, the family member that owned the car hadn’t driven it for many years. But, he was a very large man and the seats had long since given up trying to provide support. So, in addition to the seat fabric, I purchased new interior foam as well as the supporting rubber baffle that provides some “spring” underneath. I got the seats back a few weeks ago and installed the driver seat back in the car, so that the body shop weren’t moving it around without a seat.

  2. The car has been taped and had the hood and trunk removed. These will get painted separately.

  3. The car is in the paint stall as of yesterday (March 31) and getting the second primer coat. After drying a day or two, it will get the first paint coat. I’ll save those results for the next post.

With a bit of luck, I might have the car back in 2 weeks. We’ll have to rush to get her road-worthy by the time of my daughters’ Senior Prom if she plans to drive the car.

Getting ready to paint.