It’s been a long 6 weeks since the last post, so here’s where we stand on the body work and paint.

We’re exactly where we were 6 weeks ago. A couple of big things have happened in the meantime. First, the entire shop came down with COVID in late January, so they shut everything down for 2 weeks.

Then, in early February, our area was hit with a massive winter storm. I’m sure you heard all about how Texas was inconvenienced. This area was in single digit temps (Fahrenheit) for 11 days but did you hear us complaining like the folks in Baja Oklahoma? Nooooo. The body shop couldn’t do much in those temps, so they stayed home. The owner says he has a bit of a backlog now, but hopes to start painting my car in early March.

On the plus side, I took my seats to the same upholsterer that did my convertible top. I bought all new interior cushions and new fabric. He should have the seats ready by early next week.