A successful resolution to the troubles mentioned in the previous post.

As I described in the previous post, I had to jump through some hoops to get the title transferred back to the State of Oklahoma.

I got the local PD Deputy to stop by and inspect the car. He viewed the title and I pointed out the VIN plates on the dash and the driver-side door well. While filling out the form, he told me about his own restoration projects on a 1981 Camaro and a 90’s model Chevy pickup.

I faxed all this to Illinois on Thursday, February 9, about 10:00 AM. At 12:30, the person at the Illinois Secretary of State’s office called to say she reviewed the docs and said she would release the title back to Oklahoma. She said to wait 72 hours and then I could go to the Oklahoma tag office to re-register the vehicle.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to the local tag office to be told the title still was not valid. So, I made another call to Illinois to talk with Sarah. Sarah said she usually gets a confirmation email from the title database people, but hadn’t, so she sent another.

I waited 48 hours and called my local tag office. Susan, who runs the office, said the title looked valid again. I went back that afternoon and was able to successfully register my vehicle. It’s a good thing I tried to register the vehicle early in the month as waiting until the last week would’ve probably put me into March, requiring a $100 penalty.

Sunday is supposed to be 65F (18C) and sunny. I may have to go get lost on some lonely stretch of highway to celebrate.