An update on my previous post about Pearline overheating.

Short answer, too early to tell.

When I was driving Pearline this summer, we were in the midst of a 3-month high-pressure dome over Western Oklahoma. Temperatures were consistently in the high 90’s (37C) and above. With the heat radiating from the asphalt, it was miserable to be out in a vehicle that’s not air conditioned.

I consulted with the experts on the Reddit r/littlebritishcars subreddit and came up with a plan of attack. With this latest bit of tinkering, Pearline now has

  • Upgraded fan from 6-blade metal (OEM) to 7-blade nylon
  • Shroud around the radiator to focus the fan on the radiator
  • 195 degree thermostat
  • New water pump
  • Radiator overflow tank
  • Drained and put in new coolant

This all seemed to help. I did a 20 mile drive without stressing her too much. The dash gauge got to “N” (presumably “Normal”) within 2 miles of the house and hovered just to the right of “N”. But, the temperatures last week were in the 50s and 60s (10-18C). I will try to get in a few miles on the next warmish day we have to see if it worked.

While she was torn apart, we upgraded the fuel pump to a new model SU, which bolted in just fine. However, the screen on the fuel line was full of debris. Looking inside the tank, there was plenty of rust. That will be the next upgrade whenever Moss or LBCarCo has a sale.