I got Pearline back from Mike at Glass Auto on a Saturday in early October. It was a cloudy, cool day, so not a great day for driving with the top down. My girlfriend dropped me off at the garage and then drove on to an appointment. I spent half and hour talking with the usual suspects that hang around the garage on a Saturday morning and drove home through a light mist.

The next day was warm and bright. A perfect day to get started on Phase 2.

I started by taking the seats out, pulling out the carpet, and removing the center console. The carpets are 48 years old, so it’s not to difficult to see the wear and effects that the sun had on the black interior.

I disconnected the battery and then took a power washer to the interior. I didn’t pay much regard to what was getting wet. I used Simple Green in the soap tank and gave everything a good dousing. I used my wet/dry vac to remove the remaining water and let her dry in the warm autumn sunlight.

Then, the elbow grease. I used a wire wheel on my drill to take off all the surface rust that I could. I followed up with repeated rinsing from the power washer. After 4 hours, she was noticeably cleaner.

That photo with the little boy is my girlfriends’ daughter and grandson. He’s loves cars, trucks, and tractors.

A few days later, I lifted her up and cleaned the insides of the wheel wells. I pretty much followed the same process as the interior. Soap, Simple Green, wire wheel, more power washing. Then, I applied Rustoleum black primer paint. I hope whatever future owners care for her don’t hate me for that.

MGB back home. Runs good, clutch slips a bit. Time to start the interior and body cleanup.