Welp, I buggered my site up a bit playing around. Also, some updates on the car.

I managed to completely break my site and didn’t realize it for 3 months. My last update was about me changing from using Netlify to AWS for my site hosting. That would’ve been a fairly straightforward change, only I was also playing around with some other stuff. I wanted to change the way images appeared on my site and had pushed some changes to the theme I used into a different code repository. But, it wasn’t working properly and I forgot to roll back those changes. So, I had a bunch of screwed up images on my site for 3 months and didn’t know it.

So, apologies for the screwed up images the last few months. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

Anyway, onto the “fun” stuff.

The Yard

The wife and I decided we wanted a new swimming pool. We’ve had those $800 jobs you get at Academy that last a couple years and then you throw them in the dumpster. We’re getting to old to maintain cheap crap and decided to put some money into a proper pool and privacy fencing. Being a cheapskate, I decided I could still put up fencing and form concrete. Long story short, I still can, but just barely. The pool was installed by people who know what they’re doing. The grandkids are enjoying it and we are too. Makes these 100+ degree (38C) days tolerable.

As part of this process, I moved Pearline out of her happy place in the shop to the house garage so I could put fencing, concrete forms, and various plumbing parts in the shop. Once all those other things were done, I went to move Pearline back to her spot. We made it there, but just barely. There was fuel on the floor of the garage and a trail of petrol all the way around the block. Oops.

When I went to fire Pearline up the next week, the fuel pump never could build up pressure and there was a puddle of fuel in the shop. Ahhhhfuckitallllll.

I decided I’d rather swim than crawl under a car for a few weeks. Last week was a car show at the next town over and I wanted to participate, but … well … swimming with the grandkids took priority. We did walk around the show and found 2 other local LBCs (Little British Cars). One was a V8 conversion that was really sharp.

I kinda regretted being a lazy-ass, but not much.

Fuel Line

Feeling mildly chastised by myself, I woke up Sunday and crawled under Pearline in the early morning hours, before it hit 98F (40C). I discovered that the 53-years-young fuel line from the tank to the pump was cracked. They sure don’t make rubber hoses like they used to. I had hoped to maybe trim off 3” (8cm) from the line and stick it back, but apparently the genius that worked on the fuel pump before me already did that.

So, with a cup of iced coffee in hand, I found the part number on Moss Motors. I popped over to LBCarCo and submitted my order. I order from Moss frequently enough, but their order process is a lot slower. Jeff@LBCarCo emailed me within an hour asking me if I’d prefer to save a couple dollars using USPS and wait a few more days or if I wanted the part as quick as possible. I chose the latter. Jeff is a gem.

The part arrived today. If Jeff has it in stock, I’ll always use him and enjoy the 10% savings over Moss.

It’s now 9:15 PM and I’m trying to decide if I’d rather smell like gas tonight before going to bed, or wake up at dawn and put it in before it gets too hot…

Well, that’s a tale for the next post, I guess.