I stopped in at the body shop today as I was nearby. I’m trying to not make a pest of myself, but it’s hard not knowing what’s going on.

It was lunch time, so only one of the guys was there. I asked if he minded me looking in on Pearline. I took a few photos and you can see below. They’ve done more body work and it’s smooth everywhere. The drivers’ door, which was such a mess, is completely smoothed out. There’s a light film of dust on every surface.

I chatted with the body tech for a while. He says they’re going to remove the windshield assembly and then get ready to start painting. I asked him if he needed any tips to getting the windshield removed. He replied that he’s been looking at MG forums and watching YouTube videos and that he thinks they know what to do. He said there seems to be a lot of people talking about old cars, but fewer people that actually know what they’re doing. I’d say that’s a constant across all hobbies and professions.

Body shop checkin.