We’ve had the MGB since my son was 3 years old. It’s always been our fun car.

For his Junior Prom, my son and 2 of his friends rented a limo for them and their dates. For his senior Prom, he went solo and wanted to drive the MGB. So, we spent a couple days doing some cleanup on it.

We used old-fashioned rubbing compound and fine steel wool to get rid of all the old oxidation. Then we washed and waxed her. I masked off the tires and spray painted the rims white. It wasn’t bad for a weekend job.

I’ll spare the details, but let’s say that the MGB came home with a little less paint than it left with. Subsequent photos show a bit of damage over the front passenger fender. I didn’t get mad as accidents do happen. It’s part of the story of the car now.

Stylish Shot Front View Back View Ready to roll
Cleaning up for Senior Prom.