We’ve had a bit of nice weather this week. Between bad weather and the general stress of dealing with COVID protocols, I felt the need to get out of the house. I’ve managed to coax Pearline out for a drive a couple times.

There’s not a lot to report. She starts rough and needs a lot of choke. She doesn’t want to take off until she’s had time to warm up. I have to keep reminding myself that she’s only a few years younger than I am and definitely more cranky. I give her a bit of revving until she’s ready to idle at a normal rate.

With the straight pipes, she will wake the dead. I suppose my neighbors would be annoyed, but then I remember all the years of the neighbor kid idling his turbo Dodge diesel truck in his parents’ driveway. Then, I don’t feel so bad.

Out on the road, both times this week, after about 10 miles on I-40 driving the legal speed limit at 3,500 RPM, I pulled to a stop to have her idling at almost 3,000 RPM. I popped the hood/bonnet and found that the idler screw has worked itself to a position where she idles wide open. A quick turn with a screwdriver gets her back down to normal RPMs, but I may need to get a nylon nut on that screw or a bit of Loc-Tite.

Either way, a bad day driving an LBC is better than the best day working. Unless you need a tow truck.

Wintertime blues