Pearline at the Hydro, OK Rock Island depot.

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An Update, But Not Really

It’s been a long 6 weeks since the last post, so here’s where we stand on the body work and paint.

First Primer Coat

I have tried to not make a pest of myself at the body shop, but I hadn’t been by in a few weeks. Bonnie, the office manager, greeted me warmly in the office ...

Body Shop Check-in

I stopped in at the body shop today as I was nearby. I’m trying to not make a pest of myself, but it’s hard not knowing what’s going on.

Body Work Progress

I stopped in at the body shop after 2 weeks to see the progress. They’ve removed the bumpers, the body fittings, pulled the dents, and filled most everything...

Prepping to Paint

Now that I’ve found a body shop, I worked to remove the parts that shouldn’t be there. The excess trim pieces, the convertible top connectors, the chrome ba...